BBC News 24
BBC News 24 Sportsday - this is the 'Tag' for the opening title sequence. A series of beds and idents were also written to accompany the football scores

BBC World TV
BBC World web site - Working with RedBee Media these idents were created to inform viewers about BBC World's internet pages.
BBC World web site - 10 second version of the promo for the BBC World web site.
BBC World Debate - the music to accompany the opening and closing titles. Beds and Stings were also commisioned.

BBC World Service
BBC Hausa The BBC Hausa service have launched two new dawn programmes live from Abuja. We created a full imaging package for them including news, sport and various weather beds"
Arabic TV - this music has been used in the promotional videos for the upcoming BBC World Service Arabic TV station
Bengali Discussion Programme - this is for a multimedia project organised by the BBC World Service Trust and the Bengali service featuring Sandip Chakravarty on percussion.
Arabic Xtra bed 1 | Arabic Xtra ident | Arabic Xtra info - an ongoing project to provide beds and idents for one of the BBC Arabic service's most popular shows
Focus on Africa
BBC Xtra English
BBC Learning English
Arabic Service version of BBC World Service logo
Pashto Countdown
Nigerian drama - intro | incidental music 1 | music 2 | music 3

Drumheller music
Mia Memories

A more upbeat track to help ntl's summer campaigns
Sport promotion
Nine ninety nine
Valentine's day quiz... | ...and Cupid's Arrow
NTL Family Pack promotion
Spoof news sting
'Tell them Duncan Sent You'
'3 Million' promotion

Usave Channel
Usave buy buy
Usave logo

The Advert Channel

Sun 4 Sale Channel

The Boating Channel
Work in progress

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